I rode 400 miles in four weeks and a day on my horse, Chief, through eastern Kansas and western Missouri from mid-June to mid-July, 2012.  I saw more beautiful country and met more generous families along the way than a body could bear.
I was born with the horse-loving gene in Detroit.  If a girl of eight could wish her own horse into existence, I did, when my family moved to Oklahoma.  My kind, city-bred parents bought me Honey and pastured her on a friend's farm.  Within the year we moved away to another city.Lisa Stewart and her first horse, Honey.  As a pre-teen, I dreamed of riding across the country on horseback.  By 24, I traversed the Rockies and Midwest with my former husband Len.  Our 7½-month trek revealed universal saddle fit problems that we remedied through the creation of patented saddles.  Our outlandish adventure resulted in a successful business.

Immersed in children, our company, and life, I drifted away from horses.  I put away my childhood things, so to speak - writing and riding.  I decided to reclaim my love of horses.

As I rode the long, narrow loop through Missouri and Kansas the summer of 2012, I returned to the riding that gave me joy as a little girl.

Help me support Sugar Creek Equinapy.     

Sugar Creek Equinapy, a horseback riding therapy program in Missouri, lost six horses and all their equipment in a barn fire in February, 2011.  Now, certified equine therapists on staff are working diligently to rebuild their program that serves persons with autism, PTSD, and other physical and emotional challenges.

To donate to Sugar Creek Equinapy, contact me at lstewart@lisadstewart.com or Melissa and Amy at www.sugarcreekequinapy.org.

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